Writing, Reading and Marketing…They’re Not Separate

Language-writing in particular-never ceases to amaze me. With it we can promote ourselves, make recommendations, induce feelings, build relationships and communicate anything from the fact we hate chocolate to the fact we don’t know how to iceskate to the undying love we have for our significant other…and everything in between.

As marketing (and public relations) move more and more towards online media-Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, ScoopIt etc-writing is becoming more and more of an asset to the business world. Being able to respond to customers on twitter (whether their contact be negative or positive), being able to write a blog about your industry, being able to create a Facebook or twitter post that people will read, like and potentially share are all examples of the necessity of writing skills. Somehow via online content we need to form an emotional connection with our audience…enter the power of writing.

Something I’ve been told throughout my life is that to be a good writer you need to read. It will expose you to different writing styles, techniques, methods etc. It will allow you to learn what you like and don’t like, what’s effective in your opinion, and will let you learn about any and everything. I firmly believe that reading will make you a better writer. ScoopIt is one of my new favorite websites because of this. I get to learn everyday about the things I love. I have 3 “topics” (kind of like boards on Pinterest almost): Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, and Writing. Everyday I read dozens of articles and post them (called “rescooping”) to my boards for others to read. I learn about trends, innovations, tips, tools and more…I cultivate content for my Twitter and my blog from that site. Reading the articles allows me to write about them-making me a better writer.

Someone had to write those articles, someone had to write the instructions for how to use the website, someone has to post tweets about them to get people to go to their site….almost all online promotion involves some form of writing whether it’s behind the scenes or up front and in your face. That’s why I truly believe that writing is more important to the business world than people admit. Plans, actions, communications all of it is in some way written. As a result of the HUGELY negative impact bad writing can have on a brand or an experience, writing should be a requirement of almost all public relations, social media and marketing positions.

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